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Digital Gallery

“The Maquis of the Morvan”: a new portrait in the Morvan “Digital Gallery”.

The Resistance Museum has joined the Morvan “Digital Gallery” network. Located at midpoint in the permanent exhibition, its portrait, “The Maquis of the Morvan,” is an immersive projection space presenting daily life in the Maquis resistance groups.

In this space, a film is shown on two screens: one of shows documents directly related to Maquis life, while the other places events in the national and international context of the war.

This installation immerses the visitor in the world of the Morvan maquis resistance fighters, showing how they were organised on a day-to-day basis, and examining their actions, their camps, the roles played by their leaders, and the hunger, fear and courage involved.

From personal stories to major historical events, this fresco focuses on the people, both men and women, involved in these maquis groups, who ultimately played a key role in the liberation of France.