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Preparation for the national competition on Resistance and Deportation (2014-2015)

Ressources à consulter :

Dossier de la Fondation de la Résistance

Dossier élaboré par le Musée de la Résistance nationale (lien)

Le service éducatif du Musée de la Résistance vous propose une journée ou une ½ journée d’activités axée sur la thématique retenue cette année :

« La libération des camps nazis, le retour des déportés, la découverte de l’univers concentrationnaire »

Visite guidée du Musée de la Résistance en Morvan

Présentation du thème du concours suivie de la projection du film Les flammes de la mémoire, de Jean-Marc Bordet, Ville de Chenôve, 2011 (1h30) : témoignages des derniers témoins de la Résistance et de la Déportation (en majorité de Bourgogne).

Writing competition, Letter from a maquis fighter in Morvan

The educational service of the Resistance Museum in the Morvan, in partnership with the French National Veterans Office (ONAC) and Morvan Regional Nature Park, is organising a writing competition for pupils at primary schools, lower secondary schools, high schools and training centres in Burgundy.

The aim of this competition is to help pupils to understand the involvement of maquis members in the activities of the French Resistance during the Second World War, particularly in the Morvan, and to encourage them to undertake a work of remembrance.

The pupils are asked to write a letter which might have been written by a maquis fighter in the Morvan in 1944 to one of their friends or relatives, detailing their living conditions in the maquis, their Resistance activities, and explaining their feelings, emotions, etc. The judges will favour entries which are true to the specific historical realities in the Morvan, and which are written in a natural and expressive style.

The hand-written or typed letters (2 pages max.) may be accompanied by illustrations and may therefore be produced with the pupils’ art teacher.

The winners, divided into four categories (primary school, lower secondary school, high school and training centre) will be chosen by a panel of judges and will be given an award. By taking part, entrants authorise the reproduction and publication of their letter by the museum.

The participants (in classes or individually) are asked to send their letter by post before 30 April 2016 to:

Musée de la Résistance en Morvan

Maison du Parc, 58230 Saint-Brisson

Information on 03 86 78 72 99


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