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Discover the history of the Resistance and the Second World War…

The Morvan, a mountainous and heavily wooded region, provided a refuge for those seeking to flee repression and continue the struggle against the occupier.

Follow in the footsteps of the Maquis Resistance groups… 

From 1943 onwards, local leaders created embryonic Resistance groups. As of spring 1944, their numbers increased rapidly and the Maquis surged in strength thanks to the weapons dropped by the Allies in preparation for the Liberation battles. 

Remember the martyred villages…

Although the Maquis Resistance groups managed by their own efforts to liberate most of the Morvan region, the war left a deep trauma due to the barbarism of the Nazis..

21 Second World War memorial sites have been constructed under the label of “Resistances in Morvan - Way of memory”. You can visit them all in Morvan, amid magnificent natural sites.

Most of these sites are located along hiking trails, riding paths and mountain-bike routes, and are offered as e-hikes. Other memorial sites are also available in the Morvan. Ask at Tourist Offices.

Advice for visiting the Chemins de mémoire in a safe and enjoyable manner:

  • These sites are places of remembrance and contemplation: please respect them.
  • Respect the local wildlife: do not drop litter.
  • Be vigilant: the paths you will take are accessible to other users on foot, by horse, bike and motor vehicle.