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Educational workshops


Portrait of a Resistance Fighter, Jean Longhi, departmental leader of the maquis groups in Nièvre (witness account film about J. Longhi, 80 mins, with questionnaire)

Writing workshop, “Letter from a maquis fighter in the Morvan” (preparation for the competition organised by the Museum)


Repression in Dun-les-Places: production of a layout for an imaginary newspaper, War Chronicles, based on historical documents related to the ‘martyred village’ of Dun-les-Places

Accounts from the last witnesses of the Resistance and deportations (films): 

In the Depths of the Night. The last witnesses of the Natzweiler-Struthof camp, by Jean-Marc Bordet, Ville de Chenôve, 2010 (80 mins)

The Flames of Memory, by Jean-Marc Bordet, Ville de Chenôve, 2011 (84 mins)

Child victims of Nazi repression: Talk on the deportation of children and adolescents, followed by a screening of the film Remembering the Children by Hannes Gellner and Thomas Draschan, (74 mins) with questionnaire.

Racist massacres by the German Army: The 43 Infantrymen, by Mireille Hannon, Z’Azimut Films, France Télévisions, 2011 (film, 68 mins). At Clamecy, in Nièvre, the German army massacred 43 French-African infantrymen held as prisoners, in June 1940.


Educational workshop: €4 per pupil, €3.50 per accompanying adult – 1 free admission per 25 pupils