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  • 80th anniversary of the Liberation and the memory of the martyr villages

    This year 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of the Liberation and the memory of the martyr villages in the Morvan.
    On this occasion the local council community "Morvan Sommets et Grands Lacs", in partnership with the association Morvan Terre de Résistance-ARORM offers this leaflet gathering the different mannifestations that take place as part of this anniversary on the territory: exhibitions, ceremonies, shows, publications...
    These mannifestations are free, open to all, and have received the label «Mission Libération».
    Come celebrate and share these moments of history and memory!


    Check out the program of events here


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    Musée de la Résistance en Morvan - Mémorial de Dun-les-Places

  • New publication about the Resistance in Morvan


    • Ceux du maquis, drawings by Blémus, from Maquis Camille

    This collection of drawings is the work of Sergeant-Chief Blémus, called «Cherbourg» geometer at the I.G.N who joined the maquis Camille, in the Morvan, in the heart of Burgundy, in June 1944. 

    These 38 drawings were made on the spot in September 1944, with products based on Indian ink, iodine dye and diesel oil. They testify to the reality of these fighters and their daily lives. They are a reference in the representation of the Resistance and the maquis. 


    • Dimanches noires, maisons grises, 25 juin 1944 Planchez by Régine Perruchot 

    It is this tragic day of June 25 1944 retraced by the work of Régine Perruchot and reissued by the Resistance Museum on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Planchez fire. The publication presents rich and diverse documents that show the anguish, the horror of those hours of June 25 1944, when the occupation army applied in France what it had previously achieved on the Eastern Front.


    On sale in our shops of the Resistance Museum or the Memorial of Dun-les-Places, also available on our online store .

  • Exhibition «La Nièvre en 1944»

    To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Liberation, this exhibition, realized by the association Morvan terre de Résistance and the Departmental Council of Nièvre, gives to understand the history of the Occupation and the Resistance, through numerous documents and photographs.
    From 08 May to 06 October 2024, outdoors, around the church of Dun-les-Places, accessible to all audiences.
    This action received the label «Mission Libération».
  • About women in the Resistance

    Exhibition "Tell me about the female Resistance"
    Although women played an essential role in the French Resistance during the Second World War, they were often forgotten in history. The Association for Research on Occupation and Resistance in Morvan pays tribute to them through an exhibition made by him. This exhibition «Raconte-moi la Résistance au féminin» allows us to understand the participation and actions of women in this clandestine struggle. Liaison officer or nurse of the maquis, helping with food or accommodation, the women took on many tasks essential to the logistics of the Resistance, while running the same risks as the men. 
    In Saulieu's library from 8 March to 30 June 2024
    in Anost in May
    at the nursing home of the Serein valley (Isle-sur-Serein, Thizy) from May 27 to July 7
    in Lormes and Ouroux-en-Morvan in July and August


  • « Martyr villages in Morvan »

     Morvan was strongly affected by repression during the Second World War. In June 1944, fires, destruction, and massacres were caused by reprisals and/or terror in various villages in June 1944.

    This exhibition, made by the Morvan Terre de Résistances association, will provide a look back at the history of these martyr villages, notably Dun-les-Places, Montsauche and Planchez.
    From May 8 to October 12, 2024, outdoors in Planchez
    This action received the «  Mission Libération » label.

    The Morvan Terre de Résistances-ARORM team is happy to welcome you for this new 2024 season, marked by the 80th anniversary of the Liberation.

    Different cultural, historical and memorial events will take place throughout the Morvan, in partnership with communities, throughout the year.

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    Thank you for your understanding and enjoy your visit!