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Homage to Maquis Camille's

Plainefas, St-Martin-du-Puy

Paul Bernard, codename Camille, and Jean Longhi, codename Grandjean, who came from the Paris region, sought refuge in the Morvan in 1941. After receiving the first airdrop in the Morvan on 22 November 1942 near Quarré-les-Tombes, they formed Maquis Camille's along with R. Bresson, codename Marcel, J.B. Bastard, codename Jack, and G. Liebert, codename Jojo, at the beginning of 1943.  They set up their camp in the Plainefas woods until April 1944. On several occasions, the village was occupied by the enemy. But the secrecy observed by the villagers enabled them to save their own lives and prevent an attack on the maquis.

Latitude: 47° 18' 5.299" N
Longitude: 3° 54' 4.201" E
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